In Fleming 

Fleming Wednesday RV Report

Good morning everyone

Something has come up that I think should be addressed.

There is a well know Guru that is asking that you send your currency amounts and serial numbers to a certain website portal. Do not do that once you given up the serial numbers on the currency and Zim’s you will lose control of your currency and Zim.

We have told people for years not to give out the serial numbers or amounts of the currency and zim ‘s that you own. The people in charge already have your email address’s and the amount of the currency that you own.

The government does not want your currency or serial numbers the only people that want that information are people that are running a scam.

The background checks have already been run and they do not need your information until you get to the redemption centers. You give up your currency amounts and serial numbers you may find yourself unable to exchange or redeem because someone else has already exchange and redeemed your currency and Zims.

Keep your currency do not send the information to anyone . These people know that they don’t need your currency after you have given them the serial numbers and amounts. Wait for the SafeLink websites. We will be getting further information.


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