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Fleming Safelink Website Report  4-29-2021

April 29, 2021

From the information that I am getting all has been done and we are just waiting for the notifications to go out. The Notifications are being sent out by Wells Fargo, B of A, Chase and a few others.

They are waiting for the various sub-paymasters to receive their downstream payouts once that is done then the notifications will be sent.

Inside those notifications will be instructions as to what you are supposed to do ….they could direct you to a specific website or 800 number.

For those that do not get an email notification do not worry there will be a posted Safelink Website that you will be able to go to. The Safelink Website will be posted on several websites. We will be posting the Safelink Websites when we get it. We will post in our room on Telegram, Discord, Nick’s Intel on word press.

The safelink websites you will be asked questions that are from public information.  Once you have answered them correctly you will be given your 800 number to call and make your appointment

Your appointment will be specific to you and no one else. If another member needs to make an appointment then they go thru the same process as you and then they can get their own appointment.

You can give the safelink website to anyone even if they do not know about the RV/GCR. It is as simple as that.

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