In Fleming 

Monday Fleming RV Report

All our military intel contact can say now for security is that at 8:55 am EST this morning Mon 3 May, orders were given to push forward the release process.

The 11 am EST RV team meeting is still going on into this evening reviewing all account downstreaming last week, verifying that all the 1000s of the T3-4A upper level accounts and the 6 levels deep under the Admirals level of 2,500 subpaymasters globally got funds & account paperwork in place for each upper level account for the shotgun start;

He said this is going to be a week like no other, because the security teams & other RV teams are planning the payout sequence from now to Sat 15 May across 27 categories of RV/GCR payouts & exchanges, & T4B start is up front with the German bonds in the payout sequence whenever they plan to start it this week;

Public T5 starts Sun 16 May, so he said to keep prayers going up and get ready for a week like no other in your life!

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