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Friday Fleming RV Report and Conference Call Notes 5-7-2021

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources that the UST (& DoD & Homeland Security) yesterday Thu 6 May at 2:35 pm PST gave the go for T4B to start AFTER the main upper level bonds (led by German bonds and Yellow Dragon bonds with multiple zeroes in their redemption proceeds amounts) have been undergoing being processed and funds released into accounts (to be released & moved only when T4B notifications come out);

He confirmed that the main upper level bond processing WILL STILL BE in progress at least over the next 24 hours; and no, MarkZ, has not heard about these bonds paying out yet, because their liquidity will NOT be released and moved through downline payouts until it is time for T4B notifications to go out and the shotgun liquidity release to start which still could happen ANY MINUTE INTO THIS COMING WEEK at this point, accd to his latest info;

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that UST (DoD & Homeland) told the banks yesterday Thu 6 May to bring in all their people into the redemption centers next Mon 10 May BUT his info is T4B NOTIFICATIONS COULD COME OUT AT ANY MINUTE OVER THE WEEKEND, so he recommended we all stay prepared to access the Safe Link website, get and use the 800# generated there, and call and get in to our appointments ASAP when T4B notifications come out.

He confirmed that Iraqi sources are being told to expect the public rate change by CBI during their Eid holiday Thu 13 May to Sat 15 May, but his info is still that T4B may be started before that as early as next Mon-Tue 10-11 May–one way or another, THIS COMING WEEK IT WILL BE STARTED, he agreed with Tony;

His info agrees with MarkZ’s info that all bankers and redemption center sources are uber-excited and frothing at the mouth because they have all been told by UST the exchanges are finally going to start–and our guy agrees with MarkZ that we all need to STAY CALM AND LET IT PLAY OUT over the next few days into next week.

He confirmed that this past Mon 3 May the RV teams planned the basic schedule for the first 2 weeks of May–this past week and this coming week of Mon 10 May forward– in terms of getting the RV release shotgun start going, getting lower level payouts started and T4B exchanges started;

This past Mon 3 May they were working on checking that all the 1000s of upper level T3-4A accounts into which funds were downstreamed are in order; yes, THERE WAS DOWNSTREAMING OF FUNDS LAST WEEK–our guy respects MarkZ very much but Mark should not be surprised he has NOT heard any of his paymaster contacts confirming any downstreaming (moving) of funds into upper level T3-4A accounts over the past the last 15 days (since Admiral Bob was made liquid Fri 30 April which has been confirmed)—


So that is why our guy’s info CONTINUES to match Mr. Fleming’s sources and Bruce’s sources that funds have been downstreamed into upper level T3-4A accounts since Admiral Bob Killian was paid (went liquid) and started downstreaming funds on Fri 30 April in compliance with the World Court’s orders.

He confirmed that they were scheduled to :

(1) start the liquidity process this week TUE-TO-FRI 4-7 MAY (which they did yesterday Thu 6 May at 2:35 pm PST), and T4B WAS TENTATIVELY PLANNED TO BE STARTED ANY TIME THIS WEEK, which it still could be this weekend if bond processing finishes in about 12-20 hours from now Fri 7 May;

(2) they were verifying and validating funds the past 4 days in the upper level T3-4A accounts;

(3) they were also continuing to verify bond-holders to make sure there are no Deep State connections among them;

(4) they have still been making arrests to make sure Deep State bankers and Deep State connected currency holders and bond holders can NOT get funds OR STEAL FROM YOUR ACCOUNT when the shotgun start is initiated;

He is confirming that this past week was intended to be A WEEK LIKE NO OTHER, because 1000s of real accounts really have funds in them (fully accessible only when T4B notifications go out to us) and were in process of being verified to start the shotgun release & T4B start;

He is confirming that DELAYS were caused THIS PAST WEEK by trouble moving funds through the QFS last Mon 3 May and Tue 4 May which got solved as of yesterday Thu 6 May; he also said his info is the Starlink quantum communication system comprised of 123 satellites is in good working order and ready to be deployed for the shotgun start and the EBS operation whenever the military decide to deploy it.

He is confirming that every day some of the reported high contract rates on the internet for Dinar, Dong, ZIM have actually been sting operations being run by the DoD and UST (coordinated with Homeland Security) that led to 4000+ (not just 2000 that CW reported) arrests the first week of May of cabal agents running scams and/or cabal bankers trying to obstruct, steal, etc, and/or shooters or bombers to create violence to disrupt the RV release in the USA and in Iraq over the past weeks;

He confirmed again that DoD is in charge of the USA, the RV release, and DoD is running the interim military govt

He is confirming Simon Parkes’ info that as of last Tue 4 May the QFS was the sole financial system globally and SWIFT had been retired completely; he is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources saying that the first week of May there were only 2 countries still using SWIFT for specific activities, and Trump, DoD, and the Alliance told them they needed to get off SWIFT COMPLETELY and become compliant with the QFS system or there would be arrests and/or worse for them and their countries; these countries quickly complied, needless to say. . . .

He is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources reporting that the 4000+ cabal arrestees the first week of May were taken to military detention centers around the globe, as GITMO is ALREADY FULL and the Antartica detention center is nearly full;

The military detention centers are in various other global locations (Puerto Rico, Greenland, San Juan Islands, El Salvador, etc, etc–see past updates from Mr. Fleming for specifics confirmed by our guy and by Monkey Werx), and as Mr. Fleming’s source said “You do NOT want to be in any of these military prisons, but they will be the final resting place for most of the Deep State worker bees that are being held in them pending their military tribunals);

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