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Thursday Night RV Report:

Everybody is zipped up tighter than a drum.

No matter. We know everything anyway. Iraq has a new budget to announce. They’ve got a new currency in the bank. All of this is verified from multiple boots on the ground.

This announcement is committed before the first of October, which is also the same time to deliver the budget to the Iraqi Nationals.

The new Golden Dinar is in the banks and the plan is being cemented by announcements describing this new abundance, roaring from the huge jumbotron monitors in every town square.

The Iraqi People, throughout this nation which now includes Kuwait, are joyfully anticipating this new lifeline of hope for a brighter future. A future with lasting Peace across the Middle East is every mother’s and every father’s dream.

Once Iraq makes the announcement of the new Golden Dinar, as international, they have 4 days to get certain things done. It usually takes 3 to 4 days to get all protocols done. This money is in the banks but waits for this announcement and appropriate timing, to be loaded in ATMs. Announcements are expected to be out in the Mosque on Saturday.

This Saturday, September 25th is a good day for everyone to see this RV GCR launch begin in earnest.

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