I find it absolutely amazing how many replies to intel posts begin with “thank-you for the truth,” or “finally, the facts,” or “thank-you for the honesty.”

Folks, all the “intel-providers” are posting are their educated opinions mixed with some truthful intel they have privy to.

And no one posting replies to their intel on these boards can definitively identify what is truth and what is not.

Furthermore, unless you have concrete evidence to the contrary how can you say “no one has cashed out,” or “people in [insert state here] have exchanged,” “the RV has not occurred,” “count on this month,” “there is no elite cashing out early,” etc.? How arrogant!

Those may be your opinions and, if so, qualify your remarks by stating they are your opinions (or more recently “for entertainment purposes only”).

But I doubt anyone commenting or replying here has such solid intel or info that they can responsibly rebut any of those who have spent years developing contacts in governments, finance, and international agencies.

I encourage everyone to take a breath, step away from your computer, and realize that your opinion is just that – an opinion.

And it is the height of arrogance to suggest, without providing justification, that you know better than those who tirelessly research and toil to provide us with info we desperately clamor to read when posted here on Recaps or in their Forums.

We all have our favorite guru. All of the gurus, in my opinion, have only a piece of the puzzle, based on the types of intel contacts they have developed.

No one, in my opinion, has the entire puzzle figured out.

Some rely on banking info, others rely solely on what is going on in Iraq’s government, others focus on what is happening in DC, and others focus on international developments and geopolitical law.

But until this thing pops, we have to sift through the intel/info and decide how much credibility we will ascribe to these so-called “gurus” and realize that at some point we must decide to either exhibit some degree of trust or take our dinars, put them in a box under the bed or in a bank safe deposit box, and not think about them anymore because we believe we have better info than we are getting from the “gurus.”

The choice is ours.

The intel-providers/gurus work hard on our behalf to keep us informed.

If you don’t want to join their ranks then develop your own sources, open your own chat room or forum, and start your own weekly calls.

Until then, however, let’s show them the respect we would want to receive ourselves. Stop asserting your own opinion as fact without backing it up.

Have a teachable spirit, a humble heart, and thank God every day that you were given this opportunity to change the destiny of your family for generations to come.