In Footforward 

[Something that has been bothering me about the IQD exchange particularly in Ontario, Canada… I…have wondered if the fact that many banks in Ontario at least do not even deal in IQD if that could play a role when it revalues and a Canadian has some to exchange…] We won’t have any issues once it’s internationally recognized. No bank deals in dinar right now. That’s why we have to buy our dinar from currency dealers right now. Once it goes international, the tune of the banks will change. I can tell you that I know for a fact, one major bank in North America has been preparing for an RV behind the scenes at the highest levels, but won’t ever admit that publicly. The banks don’t want to deal with tons of people calling and asking about this pre RV. It may only be the bigger banks dealing with this. But even still I don’t expect us to have any issues in Canada.