In Footforward 

[I just heard from a friend of mine who is friends with an international CPA here in Scottddale (originally from Iraq) state that we will have 30 days to exchange…His brother is in Parliament, so I think he gets a lot of his information from him …What are your thoughts?] I’d love to know what they base that off of.  I do think there is a window. 30 days seems rather tight to me. …If covid restrictions are in place and people have to make appointments to go to the bank to exchange, 30 days seems tight to me.  I don’t doubt that is what they want. But Trump will make a deal that works for everybody. Iraq doesn’t really have alot of say here. But if that is the case we will make it work. I wasn’t planning to wait super long anyways. My sources have said because they felt that would be decided once an RV has happened…And that so much is so fluid right now.