Francis Albert

  In Albert

I agree with Kaperoni who posted … that there’s no way the CBI can magically reduce the money supply from 45 Trillion to 5 Trillion. I am not paying close enough attention to know what the number Frank26 is saying the 5T posted on CBI means. There is one possibility…in counter point to KAP’s money supply argument I’ve seen. It is Possible, that Central Banks around the World hold/held most of the 45 Trillion Dinar…not only possible…but, probable. And, being Central Banks, as banks of issue, and ALL controlled by Dollar Inc. (except for Iran, S Korea, China, Russia), and IF…the Dollar Boys, (who started the whole thing in Iraq), want iraq to prosper…they can easily just destroy the Dinar they hold…all to achieve their goals. There’s always a way.

If the CBI has all the actual notes (physical or digital for that matter) they can just destroy them if they want…as all Central Banks do regularly in one way or another. Like Cheeto’s Central Banks, can always cruch, (create) more “money”. Kaperoni’s basic argument is based on his opinion that there’s 45 Trillion Dinar out there that would come home to roost with an increase in value and thus, he argues, a substantial increase can’t happen. IMO, he’s just not looking at the whole picture.