Francis Albert

  In Albert

I understand there’s Dinar land excitement over Iraq ‘s PM going to Washington with the idea of Trump announcing Iraq ‘s National Sovereignty. And this may happen and of course is a good thing, and in now way is throwing a wet blanket on it helping the Dinar go International. This is good. But, please let’s not believe that Iraq will ever be Sovereign. The war was about taking over the Country and doing a deal for cheap oil for a long, long time (oil credits), so you can say anything, but IMO U.S. runs the CBI and has Iraq on a leash until the people figure it out and kick U.S. out.  So, whether it goes International at .10 or .86 or 1.00 the money, (dollars), that goes to currency investors will come from the oil, through the Treasury, through the banks that will monetize, (create), the dollars in exchange for the paper we have. It is the only possible way it can work.