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IMO – as we near closer to the new rate … Iraq is selling gold but not to the world … it is targeting someone very, very important. The CITIZENS!

Gold is being sold by Dr. Shabibi to the citizens of Iraq which will bring in the last 3-zero and will introduce the lower denoms. This is also help Iraq with their reserves.

The selling of GOLD will also pull USD’s off of the street!  Dr. Shabibi knows exactly how many 3-zeros are out there (IMO).

I have something else to tell you … Dr. Shabibi is the director of the CBI and he wanted to raise the value of the dinar back in July but he and Abadi agreed that the timing wasn’t right.

Security wasn’t right. We told you (IMO) that we wouldn’t see the RI until next year … and Delta said the end of this year.

Teams say that both of us are correct … perhaps more like the end of the year. (That’s what Dr. Shabibi wants).