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For the past one to one and half months the Investment Law, the HCL, in fact all the laws have been long passed…but what they have done is “amend” the laws, not make new laws…they have been doing this with ALL laws…they had these laws ready weeks ago…they were designed and amended to meet IMF standards…these laws have ALL been done to INTERNATIONAL standards…and are ready to go FULL throttle.

They unanimously approved all the laws yesterday we believe…but they are not ready to be released yet. In thinking back to last year…I believe I told some of you…

expect the LD’s in November…they will drive the rate of the currency up… …the Top Teams called in today and they had one thing to say, “WE ARE VERY CLOSE”.

They have 100% security. They have 100% laws. NO LD’s yet…but are EXPECTED in Nov.