Frank26 and Delta

Walkingstick told us the fractional banking – the fractional rate calculations – all the math! It’s long been done. Then all the sudden, you find slots opening up for digits, in the fractional area…now you have a decimal point… this is the first time the Central Bank of Iraq is reporting the 3- digits AFTER the decimal point with the US dollar. …we know that they are about to go international, so they need those digits … when you go international you have to have that fractional number…Because if you have like one-tenth of a penny internationally, that can make a lot of difference on banking, the fractionals, and how they make their money.

Another huge thing…I do think, they are de-pegging from the dollar. The Iraqi Dinar was pegged to the US Dollar, ONLY, for the last 13-14 years. We talked about this a long time ago, when we see that they have 3 digits next to the decimal point, then we know that they are de-pegging from the US dollar. I know they are going to peg to the basket of currency. But for them to do that now…would give you an indication that they are really REALLY very close to show us the rate…Reinstate their currency.