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7-28-21…….S + S = RI:  VIDEO LINK


Includes special report from Eddie in Iraq.

Frank26: While nobody knows the date…we do know they are doing it right now.

Eddie: The visit to the US has been a success.

Frank26: When Kazemi went to Washington DC he met with the fab 4…..The World Bank is one of the fab 4 …along with the US Treasury and the IMF. They also met with the WTO is Wash. DC. Kazemi has been spending most all of his time working on the monetary reforms and the new exchange rate with the Fab 4. Lets see if the results of these meetings is as powerful as I think they were…..

(the Fab 4…the IMF, World Bank, U.S. Treasury, and the President of the USA…)

Frank26 : To be a member of the World Trade Organization Iraq has to have a tradable currency.

Eddie: According to the media…he CBI and the IMF will be meeting in Iraq soon….These meetings will be very, very important. This meeting is about to be announced….they have not met yet….but very soon.

Frank26: They already met in Wash. DC….and they will be telling you all soon what the meetings were about. And IMO that moment approaches us.

Petra:  IMF put them on a program rate. IMF told them to reduce their rate to 1450 from 1190. Now, IMF wil tell them….what Frank said. LOL