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1. Security and Stability 2. Stop using the dollar 3. Stop the auctions….. SUDDENLY.

1: Security and Stability…..We got it

2: Stop using the US dollar…..They did it

3:  Stop the Auctions…..  They did it


Don961:  A covert plan for the US military to halt possible civil unrest over the Coved 19-pandemic

– 6 Hours Ago

The US National Guard is now active in 20 states, with expectations of other state governors announcing more stringent emergency measures daily, and according to Newsweek, the US military is preparing to take a greater role in responding to the Corona virus, including the controversial mission Of suppressing “civil unrest” and law enforcement, a task that the army has not participated in for nearly 30 years.
Opinion is divided within the military, on whether federal forces should make their way to do so, as state governors have special units for the National Guard.

“Newsweek” magazine stated that the federal government and the forces are not responsible for dealing with local emergencies: this is the law and it is very logical.
The report stated that the task of responding to civil unrest requires special ingenuity that military personnel may not possess, noting that the plans of the Ministry of Defense did not expect to deal with a scenario similar to the Corona virus.

The head of the National Guard office warned against federalizing protection at home, which could steal from the National Guard unique legal authorities for law enforcement tasks.

As for the leadership in the Pentagon, there is recognition that the National Guard is the best if there is no general collapse, but they said that the National Guard cannot be relied on, not because of the scope of need, but because its personnel are more vulnerable to the virus like the rest of the population.

According to a senior military planner working on the coronavirus, a plan has been prepared to deploy federal forces in support roles, and the Pentagon this week assigned two naval ships to fight the virus, one in New York and the other in California, and other logistical and engineering missions have been allocated.

An army manual published last July revealed that the martial law includes the use of the army to exercise police powers, restore and maintain order, ensure basic mechanisms for distribution, transport and communications, and take necessary relief measures.

The guide stated that “Only the president can order the military forces to impose martial law, and the guide included saying that the military may not assume any civilian job unless it is necessary in light of severe emergency conditions.

The North American Command, headquartered in Colorado, revealed a contingency plan of its own called “civil unrest operations” or “Operation Planlan 3502”, a plan that is hundreds of pages long, and talks about a set of military missions to help civilian authorities respond to civil unrest, including these Riots, violence, insurgency, illegal gatherings, and mass violence.   link

ChrisC:  Civil unrest? More like high level arrests.  As scared as many people have been, I have not seen ONE example of unrest, and as I stated earlier, even as tight as toilet paper is, that woman who lost her phone still had all her groceries sitting in the bags when she went back for them.  Let’s hope we finally are going to see high level arrests.  If it is a certain few, I might even manage a champagne bottle or more likely a nice whiskey.


Don961:  Sunday’s major headlines: Details of the plan to evacuate citizens abroad … deferment of loan installments and solutions for business owners … “trade” for food companies: We will buy your stock counting and cash … Iranian preparedness in anticipation of a US coup in Iraq

right Now  March 21, 2020, 11:26 PM


Iranian prepared for an American coup in Iraq

 A source in the Iranian “Al-Quds Corps” revealed the announcement of the Revolutionary Guards and the factions loyal to it in Iraq, especially the Popular Mobilization Organization, the state of alert with all forces, in anticipation of a military coup plotted by the Americans to control power in Baghdad.

The source assured, to Al-Jarida, that the Iranian security services obtained intelligence information that the Americans had informed their allies in Baghdad that relying on civil society organizations was no longer effective, and would not succeed, without a parallel move by the armed forces loyal to Washington to finish off Tehran and its allies in Iraq.

He pointed out that the political structure in Iraq does not allow the Americans to have a pro-government prime minister come to power, except in the event of a pro-Washington military coup to control power.

The source said that the Iranians have opened extensive communication channels with Sunni and Kurdish Iraqi parties to form a coalition facing the new “American plans”, especially in light of Washington’s attempt to exploit Tehran’s preoccupation with facing the spread of the Corona virus, to pass it.

He explained that the Iranians are trying to convince all Iraqi political parties that everyone’s interest requires that a civilian prime minister be able to control power in any way, and that any “military coup”, if it occurs, will mean everyone losing all of their gains, and possibly returning Iraq to what was The matter is under the rule of dictator Saddam Hussein.

The source pointed out that Washington’s liquidation of the commander of the “Quds Force” Qassem Soleimani and Vice President of the “Hashd” Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis represented the beginning of the American move to seize power in Iraq, because the Americans were aware that Soleimani had close contacts with many Iraqi politicians, and he could turn the table over them. At any point.

The source acknowledged that Tehran had suffered a great blow by losing Soleimani, and had not been able, until now, to fill the void that left him with a character who possesses the “charisma” necessary to influence all of Iran’s allies in the region.

The commission of President Barham Saleh to Adnan Al-Zarfi to form the new government to succeed Adel Abdul Mahdi was rejected by a wide range of Shiite parties, especially the “Al-Fateh” coalition, which includes factions closely related to Iran, as it confirmed that the mandate is contrary to constitutional rules.

On the other hand, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stipulated that the Prime Minister-designate “support the sovereignty of Iraq, distance himself from corruption, and protect human rights”, in order to gain the support of Washington.  LINK

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