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The tellers. That’s where we are at. Kazemi is this close {fingers close together} to bringing the CBI governor with him to make an announcement to the citizens of Iraq. BTW this information had to trickle down slowly. For you, the international world? No. The Iraqi citizens. Why? It must not fail with the Iraqi citizens.

We believe that based on all that we have been seeing and studying and understand that they are going to release the new small category notes to the Iraqi citizens. And we believe it’s going to be a 1, 5, 10, 25…we also believe there will be a 50 and a 100 note…the 1000 will be pulled out of circulation rather quickly …the 250 and 500 will remain in circulation for a good amount of time…they all will remain legit and tender. I would say to you, learn when to hold them and learn when to fold them.