Frank26 & Walkingstick

  In FRANK26 

IOO they are finished with the tally. They are finished collecting the 3 zeros and they are happy with the results. The CBI is very pleased with the note count…this Saturday coming up they will continue to meet…It is our opinion that they are now going to talk about the new small category notes…the topics they’re covering are – how they are going to present it to the public. Which ones because they may not come out with all the categories/denominations at the beginning. The value.  In other words the exchange rate. The note count that is to be distributed – how much are we going to be putting out into the streets. They will continue the distribution of these notes even as they bring in the 3 zero notes before, during and after this whole process. There seems to be a mad rush to do this.  We believe they brought in another 40 Trillion 3 zero notes.