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IOO this week or at the start of next week you’re going to start seeing more articles from the CBI. 1. The first articles that will be coming…is an affirmation of the meetings that the CBI has been having with what we call the Fab Four. These meeting are still ongoing. 2. Once you see these article of an affirmation about these meetings and their agreements of what they are going to do with their monetary reform, a few days later after that you’ve going to see more articles from the CBI with information on the face value of the new small category notes.

[Frank speaking for the CBI to the Citizens of Iraq] Citizens of Iraq you still have dinar in mattress don’t you. That’s ok…the 1000, the 500, whatever you have – they’re still going to coexist but only for a certain time frame Iraqi citizens…GOI you go ahead and use the 50k and the 100k for business.  3. The CBI will also discuss in these articles to the citizens what was agreed upon with the new exchange rate and the REER (the Real Effective Exchange Rate). 4. These meetings are still ongoing. They will continue even after the value of the Iraq dinar goes up and pegs to the American dollar. These meetings will continue to make sure that everything is according to what they all agreed upon. Praise God.


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