In FrostyTheSnowman 

IF things are on a roll, and IF “A” [Abadi ?] is where he wants to be. This is where my mind goes…

So we see that things start to escalate quickly this week.

It is interesting to me all of those documents by the CBI stating for contractors to start work regardless of what the Ministry of Finance is doing, hmmmmm.

Then…on the 8th, CBI is telling MOF to get ready to start PAYING them.

It’s like they know something is coming…

The budget perhaps?

So I think…it was about a week ago that the budget was talked about, and the can was kicked down the road. A week.

So let’s just say that they want the new rate before budget is signed into law, would YOU want that done after the announcement if you are Abadi?

Or would you want it done and visible to the populace before the Celebration on the 12th…So you can say “Hey Iraq, we are a sovereign people again.

Here’s what I have done for you, you now have food to buy, your streets are safe, the Daesh are gone, and are never coming back!

Your borders are secure, you have internet, you have mobile banking, you have money, your money, and it’s worth something!

This is your Iraq! We are sovereign!

It just seems to me that he announces everything at the same time…

And everything is there and ready to go.