Ghost [Lieutenant Colonel – 4 tours of Iraq] When Obama pulled us out is when ISIL took over.  I don’t think we’ve come full circle yet…When you get news from Iraq, Remember Malaki owns more than ½ the newspapers and radio outlets, that broadcast the news. When you see the news coming out of Iraq sometimes it’s totally tainted. There is only one reliable newspaper over there, “The Baghdad Post.” He doesn’t own that one. The rest of them are completely fake news. Completely!

All kinds of stuff about Sadr; all the election stuff – it’s all under control. … I do still have a lot of high level Washington contacts, contacts in Baghdad and a good grasp of the situation because of the position I had.  I still have quite a lot of friends that were over there with me that know exactly what’s going on in these investments.

Malaki…basically raped the country of everything.  He marked up the dollar so merchants couldn’t get any money. He made sure the program rate was very, very low. He was adamant about stealing from the people… I’ve heard as soon as this election comes to pass he will be in shackles and very quickly. …Yes and the irony of it is as the partially convertible currency turns to the IR, we RV, we can see upward of $4 – $7 per dinar…$4.25 to $7.70. I have sources that have told me that. They are unconfirmed at this point. Feel so strongly IMO!