[What is your opinion about the Vietnamese Dong?] I have a missionary friend from Vietnam…about two weeks ago he visited our church. I said, “have you heard anything about the currency of Vietnam? He said, now that you mention it as I was leaving the airport the numbers were jumping all over the place. Kind of like these numbers you see on Forex.

He truly believes, IHO and IMO that we’re going to see a very, very good return on the VND. I know China wants about $1.91 for dong. Don’t think they’ll get that high. That’s the number they forecast. Somewhere between .47 and $2.00. He’s pretty good intelligence.

He was seeing activity before he left Vietnam. There’s all kinds of banking activity, just like Iraq has had all this transformation…Vietnam was a very cash-based society for a very long time until the recent, probably 12 months, they went to an electronic, just like every other country in the world. And right now, they have in their foreign reserves of $78 billion dollars. A lot of money for a country like Vietnam.