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Traffic signals return to the streets of the capital

Fadi al-Khazali, director of media at the General Traffic Directorate, announced on Sunday that the traffic signs in Baghdad are starting to start today.

“According to the order of General Traffic Director General Amer Khudair Al-Azzawi, all our working detachments on both sides of Karkh and Rusafa have been instructed to alert drivers to commit to work on traffic signals within the intersections that have been completed,” Khazali said in a statement received by Kilgames Press. Gradually after follow-up from the General Traffic Manager with the Municipality of Baghdad / Road Engineering Department and Traffic Signal Division for rehabilitation after many claims that they should be returned to work.“

“Therefore, we should note to all our brothers and drivers in Baghdad attention and reduce speed and stop at the intersections and voluntary commitment to the traffic signal,” adding that “the penalty of non-compliance with the traffic signal is 30 thousand dinars in accordance with the Traffic Law 86 of 2004.” Source