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Maliki receives the governor of Karbala

Saturday, the former Prime Minister and leader of the coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki to receive the Governor of Karbala and Chairman of the Council in Arab dress (Dashdasha), at his home in the province.

A statement issued by al-Maliki’s office received, “Kalakamsh Press,” that “the Governor of Karbala holy Nassif al-Khattabi and the President of the Council of the province of Maliki visited this evening, President of the coalition of law Nuri Kamel al-Maliki at his home, and in the presence of a member of the House of Representatives Hussein Ahmed and a member of the provincial council Majid Saeed.”

The statement added that “talk was about the overall political and service conditions that the country is going through, especially the holy province of Karbala after the democratic change that took place recently elected Khattabi governor and Ali al-Maliki as chairman of the Council.”

According to the statement, al-Maliki praised “the local government achieved in the holy city of Karbala during this period of services and reconstruction, demanding more tender to serve the holy city of Karbala.”

He continued that “the governor of Karbala Nassif al-Khattabi and Speaker of the Council Ali al-Maliki confirmed that they will be at the thought of al-Maliki and the people of Karbala and work continuously to provide the best services to citizens.” Source