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Goldilocks posted comments and links this morning:

Did you forget about the legislative bill that had to be done by the end of the month on Stablecoins?

It is well in play and in process with final touches being placed on it within days.

The next phase will be to liquidate the Stablecoins that will purchase the more than 5 trillion dollar tokenization of assets. This is in process along with bridges being built between asset networks to fulfill and secure funds through smart contracts.

This Market will be driven by Stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies, private market funds, securities, and real estate.

Meanwhile, the BIS is proposing a Unified Ledger System to record the above tokenized asset  transactions.

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ION Treasury is the world’s leading provider of treasury and risk management solutions.

They just completed their migration to ISO20022 International Messaging System.

This brings them up to date with the standardizing and processing of financial transactions backed by real world assets such as gold.

Here is the formal announcement: “ION Treasury, a global provider of treasury and risk management solutions for corporations, financial institutions, and central banks, has successfully moved its Wallstreet Suite clients to ISO 20022.”

Here comes Wall Street.

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There were two points made at the beginning of Jerome Powell’s talk today on monetary policies that were important for us to hear. Other talking points referenced the state of our Global Economy.

Digital asset clarity and the “implementation” of Stablecoins are expected by the middle of July.

Everything will be completed by the end of this month, but the implementation process of the new digital asset-based trading system regarding digital currency and digital assets will begin the middle of July.

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☝️ There was mention that the dollar would have a weak roll going forward as digital assets move on to the scene.

Oh Lord, look out Bond Markets.


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