In Holly 

RV News: We are into about a week of the slow rollout. Everything is funded locked and loaded. We are just awaiting the final release of D1-3, which then is our trigger to RV.

More whales have been called in. This is a great sign things are progressing and it’s just a matter of time before it gets to us. This week or next week.

So far no delays or obstruction has happened.

Per Frank26, He said it is happening. He has a list of 14 things that he said they are working on that require the rate change such as contracts. He also mentioned tourism and a couple of others. I think his big message was that Iraq will depeg from the dollar.

When that happens the rate will be 1:1 in country and will float internationally. He said he was very comfortable that it is happening.

Stay positive and keep the energy flowing and see yourself already exchanged. See your life on the other side. We can do this! See it, feel it and become it! Never, ever give up!

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