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Holly Wednesday RV News:

There is a lot of misinformation going on out there. I have seen these patterns before. I want everyone to relax when you read something negative. Stick with the positive and stay strong.

Our energy and consciousness is imperative to this process. When you get knocked off being positive about the rv and pulled down into fear and panic it affects the outcome. More then ever you need to remain in a loving, positive, calm center. Do not let the negativity throw you out of kilter.

Where are we now: F&Ps did not go yet. They should have yesterday but did not. They are still paying out the bond holders but all are not liquid.

The F&Ps are the key to having ALL of this release.

Having been on this journey for a long time, the only way to stay the course is to not have your emotions involved. When your emotions are involved then you become angry when it is does not happen, you get sad and frustrated and excited when you hear good news.

The only way to survive is to take all your emotions out of this and stay in a neutral place. It has to happen eventually and I am beyond giving dates or when as the timeframes we are given change completely.

So we can only see what is happening in the world to get a reference point as to the progress.

This is a transition not a transaction. Never, ever give up.

When you sign your NDA be quiet.

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