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RV News: 5-6-2021

Most are confused on how the process works and the different groups. You have the GCR, the world court settlements and the RV.

The GCR side has the Saint Germain trust, the Rodriquez trust and the Heritage trust.

The bonds that you hear about the, dragons, German, super petchili, Zim, etc are on the GCR side.

The world court settlements are the Fines and penalties, cmkx, farm claims, prosperity groups etc. the RV side is Dubai 1,2&3, T1,T2,T3,T4a,T4b and T5.

Where are we, bonds have been funded, test groups happening but we still do not have liquidity yet.

We the T4b group that gets funded by D1-3 and will be weeks out at this point as we are in a slow roll out process.

The good news is it has happened and moving along nicely. The bad news is it is slow and contrary to what other says, it will continue to be slowly rolled out. Never, ever give up!

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