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Holly Wednesday RV Update:

UPDATE: I am posting an older update to help some understand the process and have new information at the bottom.

  1. The stories in dinarland through the years of the process unfortunately were not in your best interest.
  2. There are two RV’s and a lot of the information was from the wrong side. We are Trumps RV and the cabal has theirs. Trump made a deal with all the countries involved and they joined his back in 2019.
  3. Their intentions were to steal your money.
  4. You must become your own advocate.
  5. We have been enslaved our whole lives. We do not want to be set free to be enslaved by the banks again and fall back in enslavement.
  6. The banks are not your friend.
  7. You must set up your own trust- you want to get a common law trust and the whole legal system will be changing to this. We will have options when we do exchange as everything will be changing to common law.
  8. Private Wealth Managers outside of the banks. These are top private wealth managers on Forbes: See who is not associated with banks. AND please do your own research Best-In-State Wealth Advisors 2020  Best-In-State Wealth Advisors 2020 The 2020 state-by-state rankings of the country’s standout wealth advisors.
  9. Get yourself a good trust attorney: Look up best trust attorneys for ultra high net. You are all in different areas so your choices will vary.
  10. You will exchange on the QFS system. Off of that you will get a treasury direct account and then a digital wallet that will have a card with it for use.
  11. Take your time and breathe.
  12. We are still waiting on the F&P’s, adjudicated, D1-3 to be released for liquidity.
  13. What Trump signed at the world court I was told was for the F&P’s.
  14. Everyone is very quiet. I did hear to expect this to go this week.

This is a transition not a transaction. Never ever give up.

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