In Holly 

Holly Wednesday RV Update

The first time ever the paymasters for F&P’s got funded months ago. They are ready to go and now we await notifications to the recipients!

That was a big deal as some have waited from 2003 to have the paymasters get funded, so they have not been released, as it appears all will go when the event happens.It’s just people are frustrated.

It’s been months of F&P’s and D’s… we want it done and it’s difficult to not have all the pieces to understand what is going on behind the scenes. (which I can not share) … we are getting there.

All should be done by 10/1

The new fiscal year starts 10/1 and they would like this done by then.

No I DO NOT do dates. Never have, it’s the fiscal year they are looking at

This has always been about safety and security. It would not be released until it was safe and secure. There have been ongoing arrests. Let’s hope this has been enough so it is safe and secure finally for the final release.

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