In Holly 

Holly Wednesday RV Update:

We are close! A few reminders.

1. Adhere to your NDA, keep your mouth shut

2. Keep your money on the QFS, not the banks

3. You will have more then enough to not have to take it off the QFS to earn interest

4. You do not need a wealth manager

5. You will be educated on the QFS system and how to operate on this system

6. The world as we know is changing, do not think of banking and investing the old way. We are entering a new paradigm

7. There may be some shut downs of food and services, have a supply of food and cash on hand for a few weeks

8. As we move into a massive restructuring, we might experience some inconvenience, it is temporary till the world resets

9. There might be a scare event, stay calm

10. The EBS will come out, stay calm

11. There will be disclosure videos, these will be shocking, stay calm

12. We are almost there, you know everything and will be guided, all will be well


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