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RV news

The bonds have started paying out a few weeks ago. The bonds go first on the GCR side before it gets to the RV side which is funded by Dubai. The D1-3 is funded and money is sitting in the accounts, it is still not released yet.

Once these are released it will create a cascade effect through all the tiers.

It has been a very slow roll out done intentionally to capture any bad actors in the process. As if to date there have been over 4,000 arrests of bankers in all capacities in the past few weeks who were doing nefarious things

Remember it’s all about safety and security. You will want to be safe at all times going forward post rv.

What does that look like? Scrub yourself off of the internet, have a trust, have a home security system, lease cars in your trust name instead of purchasing.

Have one computer just for your banking and nothing else. There is a lot more you can do and hire a security company to help you find out the level you want and need. And never, ever give up!

We will get there as the process has begun weeks ago.

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