In Holly 

Holly Friday RV News:

I know everyone is on pins and needles as we are coming up to the end of the month. I want to caution you all the news is very promising, however, this is a fluid event and changes moment by moment.

All of my sources but two say we are there. The others have said it could happen sometime in June. So I want to have everyone remain calm if for some reason we do not have notifications by the end of the month.

What everyone has said is this is a slow and I mean slow roll out. They have released this so slowly as a way to catch any of the bad guys and all the fraudulent bonds being presented. The bonds had to go first before the RV could start. They are finishing up with the bonds now into next week.

I do not have any confirmation on the D1-3 release as of this morning. We are in the window and this is happening.

The rv is real for those who doubt because we have heard it so many times it’s happening and yet here we are! It has been releasing for quite sometime now it just has not reached our level yet.

Our level is right on the doorstep! This is a transition not a transaction!

Never, ever give up!

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