In Holly 

Holly Saturday RV News: The news from all sources, still but two is this is imminent. With that, I still caution everyone to remain steadfast in seeing this happen NOW.

The final touches are being finalized to prepare for the release. When it happens no one will know. It will just happen and we will not find out till afterwards.

If for some reason this does not happen in a matter of days, do not lose hope or get upset if it takes a little longer. We are truly there this time. It could go by the end of the “end of this month” or within first two weeks in June.

I have heard of whales that have been paid. Remember we have whales with the gcr and the rv side of things.

The bonds are still paying out and will continue to pay out this week. Keep high expectations for we are at the end.

This is a transition not a transaction! Never, ever give up!

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