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Holly Sunday RV News:

There is one group responsible for setting up the system and one group for safety. They are separated from each other.

There is a technical group in IMF. Working in the swift system until new system is shifted which has taken place already a few weeks ago.

In the new system, the swift system is to transition so banks can’t touch it. Once you step into exchange center, you are in charge of your exchange. You are the boss.

The people at the exchange will help facilitate your exchange. We have power over our accounts, our structure and how we do what we do. The bankers have to follow what we want. Read that again, the bankers or really the agents of the bank have to follow what WE WANT.

We have no control over the rate though . You must know your rights and obligations. Remember you are signing an NDA which you will not discuss the rates or talk about RV/GCR or how you got your money. It is imperative to stick to this and be quiet! Or your money will be frozen and clawed back.

Bonds are being exchanged and they are controlling the historic alignment of the bonds with who the owner is.

If you are not the owner they get rejected. It has been a massive process which should be finishing up this week.

This is a transition not a transaction! Never, ever give up!

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