Holly Friday Thoughts

  In Holly 

Good morning roomies!

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”-Audrey Hepburn 

Anything is possible! You exist and hold within you  millions of possibilities. Keep finding one till it happens and you unlock the secret key to your greatness!

Here is my weekly recap for the rv:

  1. Lots of great news all week that things were happening. It’s become ad nauseam as this is the weekly theme. Only to have another week go by and nothing.
  2. The good news I can share is F&P’s have started with the old prosperity programs.
  3. All sources have said the release should begin this coming week. I will not give dates.

Holly Cont….

4. It does appear things are close based on all the people I talk to.

5. The biggest problem is they don’t have enough authenticators and that has really slowed down the bond process.

6. The other issue is the amount of fraudulent bonds has really slowed the process down.

7. Let’s focus on the good news that F&P’s have started to come out with PP’s. They need to get to a % for the release to happen.  Let’s see this done. See the codes put in And the exchange happening.

See yourself free, happy and prosperous. See us changing the world for good!

NEVER ever give up! This is a transition not a transaction! Keep the faith.  -Holly

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