Holly Friday Thoughts

  In Holly 

Good morning roomies!

We have the power of manifesting what we want. Remember where attention goes energy flows. Are you putting attention on all the things you don’t  want? Are you focused on all the lack and debt you have? Then you are drawing more of that to you.

Instead see a beautiful goblet and drink in prosperity and abundance. Let that liquid fill you up inside. Release anything that is not of abundance and prosperity.

 Now for the Rv:   In your mind See the phone call to make your appointment .  Actually hear the phone call and the conversation. See you setting up your appointment and the time. See you at your appointment and the currency in the de la rue machine.

See the tally and the amount. See the NDA. See your bank account opened and your debit card. See it being done and see you walking out of your appointment. What does that freedom and prosperity feel like?

See it very clearly and feel it very strongly. Keep that in your mind and feel that in your body. because that’s what’s happening.

So where are we this week:

Holly cont…..We still are in the wait mode. The are doing the PP’s and will start with other F&P’. I’m told that is to complete by Sunday.

So we still need the rest of F&P’s, adjudicated and D1&2 to go. Everyone is saying Iraq will post rate on Saturday. We will see.

Not much has changed since last week but a little more movement with F&P’s.

Let’s shift this entire thing by all of focusing our energies on the visualization above and putting positive energy seeing this happening now. Keep the faith and never, ever give up.    –Holly


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