Holly Monday Morning

  In Holly 

Monday Thoughts From Holly:

Good morning roomies!

Affirmation for today:   I have unlimited possibilities available to me!

The most important thing we can do is rewire our brain from the negative thoughts to the positive ones. And to know you have unlimited abundance and prosperity all around you inside and outside.

A dear friend of mine told me he did a meditation and he said there is a vibration of the RV GCR and he connected with his guides, ascended masters, saints whoever it is you connect with Jesus, God whoever, and he asked them to raise his vibration up to the vibration of the RV GCR to connect with that energy and to manifest it in the here and now.


This is powerful if you all could start doing this we can bring it here because that is vibrating at a different vibration than what we do and all you have to do is ask for what you want in life and it will be given to you.


So ask that your vibration be raised up to connect to the RV GCR to bring it here in our reality.


Holly cont…… Certain things transpired over the weekend to move the RV forward. This was huge and we should see the release finally.


Keep knowing this is real and happening. See it, feel it and connect to the energy of it. Keep the faith and stay strong. This is a transition not a transaction.   -Holly


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