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Things were slowed down to do some work arounds but all is on track now. Things are moving and all are readied for the release at our level.

Distribution is the next phase.     Holly

Courtesy of Dinar Guru

Bruce   [via WiserNow]   …one of our sources is saying that we are in the final count-down …second source said that the final count-down ends at 9:30 am Sunday…2 different individuals tell us we could be notified anytime from now all the way to Monday…So let’s just say this – all of these 4-5 different sources have said that this will be a really special weekend…I think with everything that I’ve gotten today it looks like we are finally at the end of the ride – meaning this weekend...So lets see what happens with that…

Pimpy   I’m not saying that an RI or an RV won’t be announced.  I’m saying that it makes more sense to me they’re going to let it go up in increments.  In fact it says something similar in here.  Article quote:  “…it is possible for the state to gradually improve the Iraqi dinar exchange rate because the shock method adopted and change in the exchange rate was not appropriate…”  More talk about the rate change.  That’s good…there you have it the talk about the rate change happening once again..



Samson:  Najaf suspended official working hours on Sunday on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday

10/23/2021 12:56:54

Najaf announced today, Saturday, the suspension of official working hours in the province, tomorrow, Sunday.

The governorate stated that it had decided to “disrupt the official working hours tomorrow on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday.”    LINK


Samson:  Report : After lifting immunity, former MPs leave Iraq

22nd October, 2021

On Friday, media reports indicated that former deputies left Iraq to some neighboring countries, Europe or America for fear of being prosecuted after the immunities were lifted. dissolved.

A report by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed website stated, today (October 22, 2021), that “the dissolution of the Iraqi parliament on the seventh of this October resulted in the lifting of the parliamentary immunity guaranteed by the constitution for hundreds of deputies whose results showed the last legislative elections that were held on October 10.”

More than 70 percent of them lost their seats, which means that the ministerial committee tasked with pursuing corruption files by the caretaker government headed by Mustafa Al-Kazemi, will be able to investigate any of them. 

The government talk before the elections, invoking the reason for the immunity granted to many of these representatives, was that it was impossible to investigate them, and the Iraqi constitution grants parliamentary immunity to members of the House of Representatives that lasts throughout the duration of the parliamentary session, which amounts to four years, and the judiciary is not entitled, according to this immunity, to prosecute deputies during this period, with the exception of Crimes related to the flagrante delicto.

Officials in Baghdad spoke on more than one occasion about the presence of more than 40 deputies whose names were mentioned in cases of financial corruption after investigating officials who were arrested, most notably the Director of Public Retirement Ahmed Al-Saadi, the director of the “Key Card” company (smart card), Bahaa Al-Maamouri, and the head of The solution party, former head of the Red Crescent Society, Jamal Karbouli.

A government official in Baghdad, who asked not to be named, revealed that there are judicial files against at least 12 deputies in the dissolved parliament, including confessions of current detainees on corruption charges, who said that they provided deputies with sums of money in exchange for facilitating investment work, and others to stop legal procedures against them. According to the source, a deputy is also involved in blackmailing an official in exchange for not raising files related to him that involve crimes against public money, stressing that the special committee to follow up on corruption files headed by General Ahmed Abu Ragheef is expected to initiate recruitment procedures and arrest a number of them soon.

The official indicated that the demise of the immunity of members of the dissolved parliament will facilitate raising the files of some former MPs, whether in the Integrity Commission, or in the Commission to investigate corruption cases, indicating that the follow-up of this file will be carried out in coordination with the judicial authority, which will have the final say in that by accreditation. on the available evidence.

Other sources confirmed that some of the representatives raised about corruption charges and issues left Iraq after announcing the election results and making sure that their names were not among the winners, and that some of them left through Baghdad airport to various destinations, including Lebanon, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, and European countries, without being stopped. by the authorities.

Commenting on this, the independent candidate who won membership in the new parliament, Basem Khashan, explained that the end of the parliament’s immunity after the dissolution of parliament on October 7 gave the judiciary an opportunity to try members of the dissolved parliament, and currently there are fears that some of the accused may escape outside the country, and about the possibility of the parties’ defense and the powerful forces of former MPs accused of corruption, Khashan wondered: “We are waiting for the parties’ position on that, so will they stick to them?”

In turn, former parliament member Adnan al-Danbous confirmed, “People who have rumors and corruption cases are currently leaving the country, unfortunately,” explaining, “only the judiciary can prevent the accused from traveling.”  Danbos pointed out that “immunity has been lifted from the former parliamentarians, and they are now subject to the laws in force, and any case can be submitted to the courts for resolution,” considering that public opinion “can be a pressing factor and an aid to taking legal measures against them,” noting that quotas ” It caused covering up many files related to MPs and former officials.”

Officials estimate the value of the money wasted due to corruption since the US occupation of Iraq in 2003 at hundreds of billions, including more than 300 billion dollars smuggled out of the country. The Commission for Investigation into Corruption and Major Crimes Issues, which Al-Kazemi formed, also arrested officials and politicians on corruption charges, some of whom were subjected to judicial rulings.

Al-Kazemi had formed at the end of August 2020, a higher committee, with wide powers, headed by Lieutenant-General Ahmed Abu Ragheef, to open corruption files, investigate officials, and put a special force affiliated with the Counter-Terrorism Service under the command of the committee, which succeeded in arresting a number of officials and politicians. And last April, Iraqi officials confirmed that investigations conducted by the governmental Anti-Corruption Committee showed the involvement of a number of members of the dissolved parliament and former officials in huge corruption deals. However, the request to lift the immunity was not granted.

The former Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior, Jamal Al-Asadi, said that the work of this committee is limited to looking into and investigating the orders or complaints that Al-Kazemi refers to it, or specifically referred by the Integrity Commission, estimating in a press statement the number of corruption files currently before this committee, including Between 30 and 50 files.

Al-Asadi indicated, in the context, that there is close cooperation between the Anti-Corruption Committee and the Integrity Commission, in order to resolve major corruption files related to those with special degrees, political figures, and issues that require the approval of the Prime Minister, or the approval of the intelligence, security and control agencies in order to present them for investigation.  LINK

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