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Jamie:  [May 17, 2022]

I just came back from the bank. There’s a guy there that I’ve spoken to for many years we’re pretty much friends and we’ve discussed the RV in private number of times. I pulled up to the window teller,he was there and the first thing I said was “it’s almost go time!” He shook his head in agreement and whispered into the mic yes in June and then he pointed to his ear like people are listening. All of a sudden two women popped their heads out and we’re trying to listen to what I was saying so they may have been managers but he hast to be quiet. However, he repeated…in June


Holly, [May 17, 2022]:


This was sent to me personally as well. I’m hearing this from others about their banks saying the same .


Remember everyone the banks can take in public people and their foreign currency that they have and exchange it.  It’s gonna be way less than what you guys will ge!  So the good news is the banks are talking about this now. Where they denied it and they could never talk about it before.


You are not the public, you are not going to a bank to do your exchange. You were either going to a redemption center or a military base.


So when you see this information put out about the banks it does not apply to you. The good news is they’re talking about it, that should get you excited about how close this is!


The banks can not redeem Zim, you must go to a redemption center!


Breathe everyone. Keep visualizing and manifesting this! We are doing this !




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