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“Events Happening” by Hope Ranger – 11.17.17

Is this GCR event ever going to happen? That seems to be the BIG question and I have some ideas on why I am certain it will happen.

First I stopped looking to the “intel gurus” for information because I was tired of being disappointed in predictions that never came to pass. I have been doing research away from the guru sites for quite some time now and there are people who have nothing to do with currencies who are predicting a global currency reset who have nothing to with currencies and who I don’t believe even hold foreign currencies but they are telling people there is a reset coming.

I will start with Field McConnell. He talks about the government and the problems with the government, the CIA, and many interesting things. He is an interesting fellow for sure but he believes there is a reset coming but he doesn’t ever say when he just says it is coming because of the things in the world that he has observed.

Next is this very interesting fellow Kenneth Storey. He has been talking about a global currency reset for a long time now. He is not a guru, he is just a professor and when you watch his videos you can be glad you don’t have to take a class from him because he is very dry to listen to. I had a professor like him when I was in college and it was my first class of the day in economics and he used to put me right to sleep. I barely squeezed out a B in that class because I slept most of the time but this guy is a lot like him. He knows what he is talking about and he says there is a reset coming.

Then I started following the Qanon posts like Ruby and those are fascinating. Something VERY BIG this way comes regarding all those indictments and if you follow those and maybe watch a few videos from the likes of Jordan Sather(Destroying the Illusion) or April La June or Tracy Beanz you will see that there are people out there who understand a lot about what is being said and they can help put the pieces together and make a lot of sense about what is going on. They are not currency gurus they just understand what Qanon is saying and help all those “bread crumbs” make more sense and from them you can see that there is something very big going on. There are others but these are some that I watch consistently.

Now for myself I decided a few months ago that it made no sense to me for the GCR to happen with all the cabal still in power because as evil as they are they would just steal the money from us as soon as we got it one way or another. So I am very happy to see all this going on because it gives me a sense that once all this major stuff goes down then we will be a lot safer to exchange and keep our money.

So while I am as anxious as everyone to see this happen I am just as anxious to see what is going to happen before the GCR event when all those indictments are called due and those people start getting taken into custody and arrested. It feels like things are taking a long time to happen but on the other hand there are a lot of indictments and it seems that more are added daily so until all the indictments are filed they can’t move but once they are ready we are going to see a storm in this country the likes of which we have never seen in the history of the world.

So try to be patient and focus on researching these events. It will give you something to do and you can see the event coming closer with each new event that happens. Like what happened in Zimbabwe. I do not see that as negative I see that as something that had to happen before the GCR could happen. Same thing with Saudi Arabia. It is coming folks just watch the bricks fall and soon it will all come tumbling down and then we will see our event that we have been waiting on for so long.

Hope Ranger