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Jafar: After news of ten Iraqi MPs being injured, Corona will lead to the collapse of Parliament

Former MP Jasim Muhammad Jaafar said today, Monday, that the Coruna virus will lead to the collapse of the entire parliament and could not be held at present for fear of transmission of the disease after news that 10 deputies were infected with the disease.

He added that “the main problem is that the deputies who contract the disease will not declare and conceal their injuries, while the disease is rapidly transmissible and some of the deputies have already been in locations that have been injured in the past period, which indicates that they have already been infected.”

Jaafar pointed out that “if it is confirmed that any member of Parliament has been infected with the Coruna virus, the parliament will never meet and if it is held, it will not be possible to complete the quorum.”

The sources suggested that the parliament session be held after the legislative holiday expires next Saturday, but there are no assurances from the Presidency of the House of Representatives on the matter so far.

On Sunday, Russian media confirmed that ten Iraqi MPs had been infected with the Corona virus and had returned. Source