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Turkmen Front: We support the Zorfi government without preconditions

Vice President of the “Turkmen Front” Hassan Turan confirmed that the front supports the government of the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zarfi, without preconditions.

Turan said in statements reported by “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” that “(the Turkmen Front) supports the formation of the government and does not want to lose more opportunities; the fact that the country suffers from many crises that call for a full-fledged government and not a caretaker government.”

Turan added that “the challenges facing the country, such as the challenge of the Corona virus and the drop in oil prices, and the consequences they have had so far and the consequences for the near future of a serious crisis across the country, require the speedy formation of the government.”

And about whether the “front” is ready to cooperate with the prime minister-designate and whether it has conditions in light of contradicting positions towards it within the Shiite house, Turan says that “(the front) supports the government that Zarrafi intends to form, and has no preconditions except that we invite him to He follows the approach of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, who was determined to contain everyone, including the Turkmen. Source

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