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Academic: Some powers’ fear of the Zorfi government comes because of the fear of exposing their crimes, especially if they are supported internationally

The writer and academic Hamid Al-Kafaei revealed the reasons for opposition by political forces to the government of the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zarfi.

Al-Kafaei said in a press statement, “The objection came due to the fear that the next government, especially if it is supported internationally, will hold them accountable and reveal their thefts and crimes against the Iraqis and the dismantling of their militias through which they managed to control Iraq.”

Observers believe that “with the change in the positions of the Alliance” and “victory” and “wisdom” for those opposed to the assignment of Al-Zarfi, as well as the support of the “Kurdistan Alliance” with its wings and “the Union of Sunni Forces”, for the assignment, this may give all clear messages about the size of support What a man enjoys inside the parliament dome, when submitting the names of his cabinet, to be voted on by members of Parliament.” Source