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Writer: Al-Zarfi is the most capable candidate for prime minister, and patriots should support him

The writer and academic, Hamid Al-Kafaei, considered that the person responsible for the prime minister, Adnan Al-Zorfi, is the most capable candidate for this task, asking the patriots to support him.

In a reply to him on the tweet of Deputy Kazem Al-Sayyadi, in which the latter said that “there is no alternative to Zarrafi except Zarrafi,” Al-Kafae pointed out that: “Zarfi is definitely the best and best candidate for prime minister until now, and on patriots who want an independent, strong and reconciled Iraq with the world, support Adnan Zarfi. ”

He added that “the situation in Iraq is very dangerous, economically, healthily, securityly and politically. So will the politicians rise to the gravity of the stage or will they keep wrestling until the country slides into the abyss?” Source