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Deputy: Al-Zarfi won the parliamentary majority, and for this reason, his program introduced the government

Nada Shaker Jawdat, a member of the House of Representatives, confirmed that the prime minister-designate, Adnan al-Zarfi, had obtained a parliamentary majority, and for this reason he proposed his government program.

Jawdat said in a press statement, “Al-Zarfi managed to obtain a parliamentary majority, and for this he presented his government program to parliament, and his ministerial formation is almost ready, and he will present it to the deputies within days.”

And she saw that the visit of the commander of the “Quds Force Ismail Qaiani” to Baghdad did not succeed in influencing the supporters of Zarafi, but on the contrary, it increased the parliamentary support for the Prime Minister-designate.

She revealed that “until now, Al-Zarfi has been able to secure the support of more than 197 supportive MPs in this first parliamentary session in which the national sense moves, and MPs move away from the heads of their blocs, for the sake of Iraq’s interest.” Source