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Shiite blocs give Al-Kazemi 48 hours to change some candidates in his cabinet

The MP revealed the State of Law bloc, Kata Najman Al-Rikabi, that the Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi approved the demands of the Shiite blocs to change the names of candidates of some ministries, most notably youth and foreign affairs.

Deputy al-Rikabi told the Iraqi newspaper “Al-Sabah” in its issue issued today, Saturday, that “some of the names mentioned in the proposed government formation presented by the Prime Minister-designate were subject to objection by the Shiite blocs, which gave Al-Kazemi 48 hours to respond to the objections.”

Al-Rikabi pointed out that “the Shiite blocs asked to change some of the candidates for the ministries, which are still disputed until now, expecting to vote on 15 candidates for the ministries in the parliament session likely to be held this week after overcoming the differences.”

Al-Kazemi continues his consultations with political forces and blocs, to overcome differences over the sharing of ministerial portfolios. Source