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Source: Shiite forces require Al-Kazemi to provide a full cabinet cabinet without a former or partisan minister

An informed political source revealed, at dawn on Friday, that the Shiite political forces have stipulated that the official in charge of forming the government, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, be presented with a full cabinet cabinet free from a former or partisan minister.

The sources told “Al-Akhbariya” that “a meeting in Beit Al-Amiri with the presence of the rule of law and others, victory and wisdom, and in the presence of Al-Kazemi ended with Al-Kazemi authorized to choose the ministerial cabinet within the national criteria, integrity and independence.”

He added: “The conditions included that the cabinet be presented in full with the Ministry of Interior and Defense and that there would be no former minister or partisan in otherwise this ministerial cabinet will not be voted on and the names will be presented before setting a session and after approval it is agreed to hold a session.” Source