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Al-Darraji: Failure to approve a budget for the current year means losing the final accounts and the money going to the pockets of the corrupt

Finance Committee member Muhammad Sahib al-Darraji called for the necessity of approving the budget for the year 2020 to ensure that the forms of the year 2014 do not fall, when his budget was not approved and final accounts are not given, as well as ensuring that the public money is not wasted by some spoilers.

Al-Daraji told Al-Ikhbaria, “Since 2015, we have requested that the currency auction be stopped and the exchange rate change, and we have also stressed the importance of stopping imports and advancing the agricultural and industrial sector.”

He added, “In the year 2014, a budget was not approved, so a big problem was created with regard to the final accounts, where there is a principle in the management of public money named (Where did this go) to check on the money entering Iraq and the exchange mechanism, in addition to the final accounts being the control on which this principle depends.” .

It is noteworthy that the problem of handing over the final accounts to the ministries and institutions associated with the government continues every year, as the doors are disbursed to exchange non-installed doors so that the money goes into the pockets of the corrupt, especially since Parliament is turning a blind eye and does not play a supervisory role on those ministries and institutions. Source