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Newspaper: Saudi Arabia called on Iraq to put an end to Iranian influence

The American Wall Street Journal revealed on Monday that Saudi Arabia called on Iraq to put an end to Iranian influence in the country.

The newspaper stated that “under the pressure of low oil prices and the economic crisis caused by the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, it appears that Iraq has sought refuge with its Arab neighbors to solve this crisis, so it sought to reduce the debt burden imposed on it to Kuwait, and moved to strengthen relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

According to the newspaper, “The Kingdom and the Emirates have called on Iraq to end Iran, which has increased its influence over Iraqi politics since 2003.”

For his part, Finance Minister Ali Allawi stressed that “the transformation in regional relations will not constitute a turning point or come at the expense of other allies, but it is likely to be accompanied by political amendments.”

“It does not open a whole new chapter, but it is hoped that different pages will be opened in this chapter.” Source