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Within hours … a Kurdish delegation to negotiate the budget and Fouad Hussein’s foreign minister

A leader in the Barzani party revealed today, Friday, that a Kurdish delegation will visit Baghdad within hours to negotiate the budget and Fouad Hussein’s foreign minister.

Mahdi Abdul Karim, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Alliance, led by Masoud Barzani, told Al-Ikhbaria, “We have a successful and strong alternative for Fuad Hussein, which will be presented in the coming days, if the parties in Baghdad insist on rejecting Hussein.”

He added that “the Democrat will not stick to a certain person to lead a sovereign ministry in Baghdad, but rather try to make the Kurdish negotiators strong in the capital, Baghdad.”

And Abdul Karim pointed out that “the Kurdish blocs will visit Baghdad in the coming hours to present several files to the government, including the agreement between the two parties on the budget, as well as to resolve the issue of Fouad Hussein’s absence or not to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

It is noteworthy that most of the political blocs and parties in Baghdad refuse to hand over the Foreign Ministry to the leader of the Barzani Party, Fouad Hussein, due to his mismanagement of the Ministry of Finance in the government of Abdul-Mahdi, as well as his hard-line separatist stances. Source